Michael Jackson has died.

Times are changing and people whom you used to follow as a kid are starting to die. Is this a sign that time is passing and you are getting old? Everyone’s day will eventually come.  This just reminds me of the fast and swift passage of time.


I started to listen to Michael Jackson since 1990 and I have almost all his records. Listening to his music reminds me of my younger days and brings out some good memories. I will never forget him. Rest in Peace Michael.


Michael Jackson and French mime Marcel Marceau clowning for
the cameras at the Beacon Theatre in New York on Dec. 4, 1995.

House hunting

I have been looking for a house for apprx two months now. Did not know how hard this would be. I have lost a few good offers for underbidding. Now I know better. I am still searching for the bargains. They are still out there. Best advise I got so far from a Realtor (that speaking at the First time owners class) is: “dont fall in love with any one home” because there are so many out there that you can fall in love with the next one just as easily. But, the other message I am drawing from this is that it could also be difficult to get that great low-priced house due to the multiple offers, that you can be badly disappointed.


An amputee goes for Boston Marathon record! Click Here. I have great admiration for people with this determination. I am hoping to do a marathon one day. Right now I am barely up to 4 miles (at 34mins)..only 22 miles left for the NYC marathon!


Lets see.. I am doing an average of 8.5M/m. I will shoot for a pace of 8.3 M/m so I can maybe finish the 26 mile marathon in a little under 4 hrs if I find the energy to dash at the last minute hehe.  Trying to accomplish this before I turn 36.

Boston Marathon Info