How I quit my Cable/Satellite dependence and declared freedom!

I used to pay $50+ a month for Cable/ Satellite. First to Verizon, then to Dish. I consider Dish to have better service than Verizon (Customer service and programming) but every 6 months or so I would have to call Dish support to have a tech fix my satellite due to natural causes (Rain, Wind, Storms etc) So when my satellite took another dive recently I decided to call it quits.


So I began to gather data on what it will take for me to simulate my current setup, which consists mostly of being able to record shows that I like, which are mostly from channels that broadcast over the air, and be able to get them in HD.

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Busy Year

Its been a busy year for me. As you can see I have been ‘away’ from this Blog since December 2010. Since then I had my first child – Gabriel Marcello, and I open his very own Blog here in WordPress . He is the joy of my life. I am still telling myself “I just had a child; I am a father!” He is 3 months now.

I have also decided to continue my classes towards a Computer Science degree. I will try to catalog my class experience during my journey in this Blog –> Computer Science diaries. My goal is to one day be able to invent something that would help make the planet a better place to live. Cliche? yes, but true. I don’t want to get rich, but if I happen to get money for my invention, then I will do the same thing Bill Gates and others like him are doing – give out to the world to help others. I admire that and therefore I am making it my mission too.

The excuse for my C average in Calculus, which then turned into a W

Never skip a semester on math. I learn this the hard way. I was playing ‘catch up’ on my first Calculus class this Fall 2010 semester. I had taken Pre-Cal the Fall of 2009 and decided to take a break from math after that mind trip. Didn’t realized Calculus was an even bigger journey. Please dont try this stunt and continue your math series if you are planning on doing anything serious with Engineering. Another tip: learn your TI-89 very well. If your instructor lets you use it, it can be an advantage. I realized that if I knew some of the functions I know now, I could have done much better on my first two tests. Another thing I found out a little too late was the existence of Wolframalpha, man is this site powerfull. So take note, this might help you survive first year Calculus.

New Leaf Drinks

I rarely buy anything that Lebed sends out, but I do like when he brings out a green pick every now and then. This one is of particular interest to me since I have seen these drinks in Whole Foods and must say they are tasty. I like their website too! I will probably invest in the Co.

Check them out at